how to Unlock Pattern in Nokia Lumia 520 – factory Reset

Easy Method for factory reset Nokia Lumia -520

Hello friends today I am Telling you how to Reset your Window Phone Like Nokia Lumia –
Warning! All data will be lost!
1.Power off your phone
2.Press power button and after phone vibrates once press volume down until you will see exclamation sign on the screen
3.Press in this order:
                               > volume up
                               > volume down
                               > power
                               > volume down
4.Wait until format ends and the phone restarts
That’s it

Full Method to Unlock pattern or Pin in Nokia Lumia 520

  2. (a). Press and Hold the Power Button, do not release until the phone vibrate (if you feel the vibrate in Nokia Lumia 520 then release the Power Button)

(or) if first Not Work Then

  1. (b). Press and Hold the Volume Down Button, do not release until the LCD show the exclamation mark (if you see the exclamation mark in LCD, then release theVolume Down Button)

B. BIG STEP TWO (this can be down after all BIG STEP ONE finish)

  1. To continue reset, you have to do the last step bellow
  2. Press Volume Up Button Key and release
  3. Press Volume Down Button Key and release
  4. Press Power Button Key and release
  5. Press Volume Down Button Key and release
  6. The the Nokia Lumia 520 will do the hard reset format


See Video to easy Reset Your Nokia Lumia